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Useful Tips

Tip 1

The width of the bag should be under 19.5 cm (the width of the provided clip). For bags larger than the provided clip, cut the bag at an angle to create a smaller opening instead

Tip 2

If a bag has a seam along the middle, air will leak because of the height gap, so do one of two things: cut the bag at an angle so it doesn't touch the seam like the above tip and then seal OR fold the bag in the opposite direction so the seam is straightened out and then seal

Tip 3

Avoid any wrinkles and ensure the bag is smoothed out to ensure air is completely vacuumed

Tip 4

For maximum freshness, move contents of the bag closer to the valve as the pump works best to suck up the air closest to the port hole

Tip 5

For smaller particle contents (like rice and sugar), make sure they are bagged separately from the bag and the valve is installed in to ensure they don't come into contact/interfere with the pump

Tip 6

The provided clasp has a small space where the two bars won't clamp shut. Move the bag a bit to ensure air doesn't escape.

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