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Use on any bag

You can use the VacuumClicka on most pre-packaged bags that you see from the grocery stores! Making it easy and simple to keep your favorite snacks fresh!

No need for expensive machines

With VacuumClicka, you no longer need to break the bank with expensive vacuum machines.


Use it as many times as you want!

Space saver

Once you're done, simply put them back in your kitchen drawer and use them again next time. Save your precious counter space!

Ultra portable

Whether you're camping, travelling, or going for a hike, you can always pack the VacuumClicka with you to keep your favorite snack fresh.

Freezer safe

Store your frozen meat or seafood in the freezer to keep them fresh longer.

Dishwasher safe

Simply put them in the dishwasher when you need to clean them.

Microwave safe

Put your frozen meat in the microwave to defrost!

Keep food fresh longer

Whether it's fruits, meat or seafood. You can now keep your food fresh longer!

Prevent freezer burn

Say no more to freezer burn!

Preserve natural flavors

Vacuum seal your food to preserve the natural flavors.

Meal prep

Use it to prepare your meals for the week!

Packing clothes

You can also use it to save space when packing clothes. Especially useful while travelling or camping to save space and keep your clothes dry!

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